Distributors announced for Europe and Japan

TenasiTech is pleased to announce two new distribution partners who significantly expand the availability of our unique products. Moriroku Chemicals Company in Japan, and Grolman International Distribution in Europe, now sell TenasiTech's SOLID-TTTM.
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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kunststoffe International article published

The technical article, titled "Organoclay Imparts Scratch Resistance", is available in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of the prestigious European plastics journal. The article reviews the anti-scratch and anti-mar performance of TenasiTech's SOLID-TTTM and compares performance with other organoclay additives in the market, in resins including nylons and actylic.
The story can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

TenasiTech CEO to present at Compounding World Forum in Germany (April 2017)

Richard Marshall, CEO of TenasiTech, is presenting on the morning of Wednesday 26 April, in Cologne, Germany. Titled "Innovations in anti-scratch for engineering plastics", the presentation will provide insight into our unique range of products. TenasiTech would welcome the chance to meet you at the event. The program is online here.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"Plastics Technology" cover story

Leading plastics industry magazine, Plastics Technology, has chosen TenasiTech for its December 2016 cover story. We are very happy for the opportunity to tell the world what we've known for sometime: SOLID-TTTM is a unique approach to an industry wide issue!
The story can be downloaded here.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

TenasiTech releases nylon anti-scratch additive, SOLID-TT

TenasiTech is pleased to announce the launch of nylon additive, SOLID-TTTM, for greatly improved resistance to scratch and mar damage. Injection molders and sheet extruders seek more resilient surfaces to extend the life of their products, and maintain aesthetics for their customers. The solution to this problem has been painting or hard coating until now, but these require extra processing steps and thus increased cost of manufacture. CEO, Richard Marshall, said, "We offer a great option for scuff resistant plastics in markets where hard-coating is just too costly. The SOLID-TTTM additive for nylon is unique, and opportunities abound for many engineering thermoplastics."
SOLID-TTTM added at 1% has delivered excellent performance, such as:
Nylon 6: Pencil Hardness to H (up from HB without additive), and significant improvement to sandpaper wear tests.
Nylon 12: Pencil Hardness to HB (up from 3B without additive), 45% higher according to the Erichsen Scratch, dramatically improved appearance after friction/wiping tests, such as Crockmaster.
Nylon 6: 41% increase in strain at break, and toughness increase of 34%.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

TenasiTech presents new Nylon additive at "Performance Polyamides 2016"

At the inaugural "Performance Polyamides 2016" conference in Cologne, Germany, TenasiTech will launch its additive for strengthening Nylon resins. June 8 & 9 will provide an opportunity for European end-users, molders, compounders and Nylon producers to meet the TenasiTech team in person. The innovative solution to surface scratch/mar damage is TenasiTech's SOLID-TTTM additive, which is simply compounded into many popular Nylon resins - including Nylon 6 and Nylon 12.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Meet TenasiTech at 2016 Plastics in Automotive

TenasiTech is hosting booth #7 at the 2016 Plastics in Automotive event in Detroit, MI. The event will be held on January 12, 2016 at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. The TenasiTech team will present the new product data sheet for PMMA surface hardening additive, SOLID-TTTM.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Meet TenasiTech at Compounding World Forum 2015

TenasiTech is exhibiting its PMMA additive breakthrough, SOLID-TTTM, at the 3rd annual Compounding World Forum. The event takes place on December 8-9 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

"This is an ideal opportunity to come and meet the TenasiTech team and see our anti-mar additive for PMMA, and other thermoplastics.", Richard Marshall, CEO. TenasiTech is hosting Booth #45 at the event.

Monday, 30 November 2015

TenasiTech announced as Queensland finalist in the prestigious Telstra Business Awards

Telstra has named the finalists in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards for Queensland and TenasiTech has been nominated for the "Micro-business category". The company is one of 22 businesses in the state that are finalists in 5 categories at the awards.

"We are extremely proud to be listed as a State finalist for the prestigious Telstra Business Award. We are thrilled to have this recognition as we bring our plastics innovation to a global market.", Richard Marshall, CEO.

TenasiTech has developed SOLID-TTTM, an additive to help acrylic glass withstand scratching and maintain its glossy appearance. The poor scratch resistance of acrylic glass is a key barrier to its more widespread replacement of traditional glass.

CEO, Richard Marshall, said, "It has been a lot of hard work by our team to create a first-in-class product and there will be more hard work to come, no doubt. We are driven to bring this Australian innovation to the World. So getting this kind of attention from the Telstra Business Awards is a tremendous boost for us all."

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

TenasiTech secures additional $509,000 funding to bring scratch resistant acrylics to the world

TenasiTech has been awarded a major grant from the Australian Government to bring its acrylic glass product to the global market. As a recipient of support under the Australian Government's Accelerating Commercialisation program, TenasiTech will receive AU$509,000 to complete the marketing phase of its radical approach to toughen the surface of acrylic glass.

CEO, Richard Marshall, said, "We are thrilled by the support offered by this grant. Companies are showing strong interest in having more durable, glossy surfaces inside cars, around computer screens and in the many other uses for acrylic glass. This is something we offer in a simpler and cheaper way than the current coating techniques."

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

TenasiTech invited to present at the Lightweighting Summit in Detroit

TenasiTech presented at the inaugural Lightweighting Summit, discussing the innovative solutions TenasiTech offers to the automotive supply chain. The event, "Lightweighting Summit: New Solutions, New Suppliers", was held in May in Detroit, MI.

Resource and fuel efficiency, alongside the re-emergence of electric vehicles, are global megatrends having dramatic effects on the design of future automotives. Part of the change needs to be the adoption of revolutionary materials, and TenasiTech's nanocomposite plastic technologies are at the forefront of this. TenasiTech will focus on its polymer additive technologies relevant to Tier-1 suppliers in the industry.

CEO, Richard Marshall, who presented at the conference, commented, "There is a slow but unstoppable revolution happening in the types of materials used in cars, buses and trucks. Models such as the Ford's F150 and Fusion, GMC Sierra 2014, iBMW, and VW Golf represent just the first of these. We have products which are highly relevant to the needs of newer and lighter vehicles."

For example, TenasiTech has developed the additive product, SOLID-TTTM, to allow thermoplastics to withstand scratching and maintain their glossy appearance. The poor scratch resistance of acrylic glass is a key barrier to the more widespread replacement of traditional glass. SOLID-TTTM fits within the existing automotive supply chain, making it an affordable but high performance nanotech solution.

Mr Marshall further said, "We offer products with high potential to the manufacturers of automotive components, whether thermoplastic rubbers or acrylic glass. Interior auto panels, or light covers, can be produced with significant scratch resistance without the need for expensive additional capping layers. This offers wider design options and drop-in functionality to users of the plastics in vehicle design."

Monday, 2 June 2014

TenasiTech secures investment to drive development

TenasiTech is pleased to announce that it has secured almost a million dollars in investment to drive the commercialisation of its range of plastics nanoadditive products. A consortia of Angels from the Australian groups, Brisbane Angels and Melbourne Angels, have committed AU$485,000 in equity capital, and original investor, Uniseed, has committed with another AU$450,000.

TenasiTech CEO, Richard Marshall, said "We are thrilled with the continued support from Uniseed, and the show of commitment from our new investors drawn from the Brisbane and Melbourne angel investor community."

"One of our products solves the issue of surface scratching for acrylic glass (sometimes known as Plexiglas®). The poor scratch resistance of acrylic glass is a key barrier to the more widespread replacement of traditional glass. Our nanoadditive products allow our customers to design plastic sheets, and other parts, which are more durable as they are less prone to surface defects when handled. The uses include for car interiors, glossy panels for kitchen doors and stair handrails. And the acrylic glass market is very large, in the order of $6B globally, so our investors are attracted to the commercial potential for our technology."

TenasiTech Chairman, Dr David Evans, said "TenasiTech has products in multiple polymer families including acrylic glass and polyurethane elastomers. So our products work in both the ‘soft-and-stretchy' types, as well as the 'hard-and-clear' thermoplastics such as acrylic glass. We work with global market leaders in each application area, and our strategy is to work with companies who are top five in their respective markets, regardless of their geographic location".

Monday, 21 April 2014

TenasiTech established US office

TenasiTech has established a sales presence in the United States, making a significant step in connecting with the important US market. CEO, Richard Marshall, is heading up the US move, establishing the US headquarters in Massachusetts.

Mr Marshall commented, "The US remains one of the major markets in continual need to plastics innovations such as ours. It has the depth and breadth of manufacturing we seek, as well as the world's largest domestic markets for many of our product lines. We are here to engage with customers who seek enhanced polymer performance to maintain their competitive edge. In addition the US has the best venture capital network in the world, and we are raising capital this year."

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

TenasiTech appoints Executive Chairman, David Evans

TenasiTech has announced that David Evans has joined the company Board as Executive Chairman. Dr Evans has over 30 years experience in the plastic and chemical industry with ICI and Huntsman and has lived and worked in many countries across the globe. You can see more of his background on LinkedIn.

Wednesday, 1 February 2013